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The Changing Face of East Austin's Fitness Scene

Austin has become famous for many things over the years, with the city's well-known penchant for weirdness being far from the only one. Residents of Austin are famously active and engaged with life, making the fourth-largest city in Texas an appealing place for many young people to put down roots. This fascination with getting up and moving extends far beyond the bars and music clubs that first come to mind for many when Austin is mentioned. In fact, residents of Austin take personal fitness very seriously, even when they might plan to head to a local nightclub after the workout is done.

This is every bit as much in the truth in the exciting, rapidly gentrifying environs of East Austin. The area across I-35 from downtown has seen an influx of younger residents over the course of the last decade, with relatively affordable rents and other features making it appealing. As a result, a great number of fitness services catering both to these newer residents and established ones have sprung up in recent years, as well.

This means, for example, that when it comes to MMA Classes Austin east of Comal, Chicon, and other iconic streets in the area lacks for very little. Residents can today easily sign up for classes that will see them learning everything from the latest in Brazilian ju-jitsu techniques to the kinds of stand-up kicks that make the Korean art of tae kwon do so impressively dramatic. Better still, there are classes available for everyone from those who are only interested in fighting for fitness to others who hope to take to the ring professionally some day.

The same basic idea holds for the CrossFit Instructors Austin today hosts on its fast-growing eastern side. Just as with mixed martial arts, the CrossFit approach to fitness has become a phenomenon in recent years, with a great many people finding the hard-charging workouts incredibly rewarding and satisfying. Once again, while it would have been difficult to find classes of these kinds on Austin's east side a few years back, that is no longer the case at all. As East Austin has grown and changed, fitness experts of these kinds have happily set up shop there.